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Yaoundé, 11.04.2011

Service Agreement





Assignment Name: Mediaphonix /partner for CDSS-Cam website


Type of Contract:

Virtual Documentation Center for the Health Sector of Cameroon (CDSS-Cam)

The service provider will provide web administration, maintenance and ongoing new site development


11. Description of the website

CDSS-Cam is a free access digital library, which provides important health sector documents both to healthcare professionals, development partners and also to the general public. The website presents the documents grouped under seven major themes which are in inline with the 4 main interventions of the health sector strategy (HSS): Maternal, Child and Adolescent health – Disease Control—Health Promotion—Health District Viability Process (Health System - Healthcare Delivery - Resource Management - Operational Research). These are background documents, research findings, policy/strategy, regulation and practical documents from the operational level.

CDSS-Cam intends to improve the access to information in the Cameroon health sector via the Internet. It complements other existing channels of information including MOH’s website, the Human Resource Observatory, and Documentation Center and Archives (CDA) and the data collection system for health facilities:  Health Metrics Data.


Types of documents published on the website


·         Basic Information - Studies - Research results

·         Activity Reports and Evaluation

·         Reference Documents: legal texts, strategic and operational plans, norms and standards

·         Practical documents (manuels—Guides): Management tools, Procedures, follow-up/monitoring, supervision,  protocols/ best practices, Educational/ Promotional Resources


·         Hyperlinks: Links to other websites on the Internet


The CDSS-Cam site is an open source, custom, integrated, multi-lingual network. The site is available in French and English. Site traffic (page views per month) is not yet measured as the site launch is only scheduled for Mai 2011. The network is built on the Drupal content management system.


2. Background

CDSS-Cam is an initiative of the Department of Health Operations Research (DHOR) set up in 2006 following the findings of an inventory on health research in Cameroon.  The initiative aims to resolve the problem of unavailability of and inaccessibility to knowledge/results produced by the health sector. Within the framework of a partnership established between MOH and the German Technical Cooperation (GIZ former GTZ et DED), an implementation process effectively kicked off in 2009 with technical and financial assistance from the German Technical Cooperation and the World Bank.


3. Goals and objectives

·         CDSS-Cam aims to improve public health through the dissemination and use of knowledge generated by the health sector.

·         The overall objective is to provide health sector-related documentation to interested persons through a dynamic virtual library accessible through Internet.


4. Decentralized administration

The management of the library is decentralized, thereby allowing a large number of people regardless of their geographic location to contribute to its contents and update.



5. Duration of agreement

April – December 2011


6. Working relations and project management

The contractor works collaboratively with the the CDSS-Cam administrative team to discuss, analyze web trends/analytics, and continuously enhance the user experience and by the introduction of new site features and providing the technical support for specific site initiatives (custom blocks, special events, e-discussions, audio/visualintegration, cutting edge technology integration). The aim is to ensure a regularly updated and developed site to provide an enhanced user experience.

The contractor needs to participate and collaborate in the efficient Project management of the CDSS-Cam website.

See 7.3 D. Project management


7. Scope of required Services

IDEA seeks a technology partner that will provide the project team with the following services:


The service provider will provide web administration, maintenance and ongoing new site development

7.1Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line La technologie de la ligne d’abonné asymétrique numérique ADSL permet d’envoyer un plus grand nombre de données sur des lignes téléphoniques existantes en cuivre. L’ADSL supporte des débits de 1,5 à 9 Mbps lors de la réception des données (débits en aval) et de 16 à 640 Kbps lors de l’envoi des données (débits en amont). Essential general functions

·         Ensures implementation, troubleshooting, and maintenance support for existing systems; and collaborates with team, serves as a resource for problem analysis and resolution

·         Provide more effective development and design for the functionality of information technology, for navigation, for user support, and for a positive and engaging environment to use the virtual library website CDSS-Cam

·         Provides technical and creative expertise to create, manage, update and transfer website content supporting the mission of the CDSS-Cam to improve public health through the dissemination and use of knowledge generated by the health sector and provide health sector-related documentation to interested persons through a dynamic virtual library accessible through Internet.


7.2 The contractor should have the following abilities and assure the following services

·         Able to make quick changes on the website, as necessary

·         Able to install, upgrade or modify existing modules on site

·         Can maintain ongoing development on existing sites and add new features (and install modules etc.)

7.3 The contractor should provide the following specific services

A. Site hosting, administration and mail hosting

·         Assure a reliable hosting environment and a stable functioning of the internet platform (see Annex 1Littéralement, la codification désigne l’acte de codifier, c’est-à-dire de transformer un élément selon un système conventionnel structuré. La codification des connaissances désigne le processus de conversion d’une connaissance en un message qui peut être ensuite manipulé comme de l’information. Elle consiste à placer celle-ci sur un support et à la réduire en objet malléable et aisément transportable. Technical Specifications)

·         Handles domain name issues, registrations, set-up, email issues

·         Backups – data backups weekly, code backups as needed

·         In case of a serious incident, the restoration oft the website from the most recent backup needs to be assured

·         The provider needs to prove twice yearly, that he can replicate the website on a „fake server site“ from existing backups

·         Security – manage all aspects of website security to protect confidential member information, andprevent hacks, defacing, DOS, etc.

·         Site statistics – Google Analytics and/or industry standard

·         Guaranteed site performance (page load times specified in SLA)

·         High volume email service for automated site communication

·          Maintain integrity of the site through automated and reliable spam control measures

· domain email account management for small group of staff with advanced spamcontrol

B. Regular technical site and code maintenance

·         Assure the Drupal Website Maintenance

·         Maintain a development or staging environment separate from live environment

·         Install Software, module/Security patches and upgrades including bug fixes

·         Assure that the content of the website can be translated (Translation issues)

·         Install, upgrade or modify existing modules on site

·         Put tracking System in place for reporting and issues management

·         Manages, edits, updates and maintains the site (this includes all development work: CSScascading style sheets Les feuilles de style en cascade sont des éléments prédéfinis d’une page Web, comme les en-têtes, le texte et la navigation. Ces feuilles de style en cascade permettent d’assurer l’uniformité dans tout le site Web et de simplifier la programmation Web./Theming, Drupal, jQuery, etc.)

·         Ensure Safe Deployment Solutions are in place


Service Level Agreement (SLA)

·         Site availability 24x7x365 with 99% uptime guarantee

·         Before launch and once a year the service provider has to test his ability to do a total recovery from its backup sources on a development server.

·         In case of a total disaster, recovery has to take place within 3 working days. The Service Provider lives in South Africa and therefore South African Public Holidays are respected. If the service provider takes leave, he must communicate the period of absence to the CDSSCAM Project. In this case it is accepted that recovery  cannot take place during that period.

·         Critical Software Bugs have to be eliminated within 3 working days. If the service provider takes leave, he must communicate the period of absence to the CDSSCAM Project. In this case it is accepted that eliminatingBugs cannot take place during that period.


Site Development Plan

The following are a list of general new site features that would be planned and developed in consultation with the

Mediaphonix under the terms of the agreement. There are not listed in priority order. Additions or changes

are likely over the period of the agreement so flexible development schedules and processes are required.

C. Ongoing website development (Improvement of site functionalities)

·         Analyse the Existing Web Site Functionality

  • Evaluates code to ensure that it is valid, properly structured, meets industry standards and is compatible with browsers, devices, or operating systems.
  • Maintains ongoing development on existing sites and add new features (and install modules etc.)
  • Manage, update and improve site navigation and information architecture

·         Manage Web Design; Enhancements to the site look and feel on an ongoing basis

  • Improving existing site designs for layout, graphics, etc., and developing innovative new designs
  • Maintaining and developing the functional features of the site Client specific custom modification and customization)

·         Redevelopment and Design of Pages

·         Intergrate Web 2.0 Technologies

·         Intranet Development and Design with Web 2.0 Technologies

·         Supports all web-related issues and requirements.

·         Support to generate web reports and metrics (i.e. Google Analytics, etc) (Using web analytics to inform plans and development priorities for the site

  • Supports search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and other marketing programs and initiatives.

Specific features

·         Enhancing dis-aggregated member data collection and analysis on the network

·         Enhanced user registration process and user identity authentication requirements for logging into the

·         website

·         Consistent and accurate translation of all strings and pages on the site in all languages and improved

·         toggling between the languages

·         Evaluation and feedback options for users about the site – user surveys

·         Better usage statistics, including more detailed regional breakdowns and data on CDSS-Cam users

·         Flexible email alerts/notification frequency functionality, which allows users to choose betweenimmediate, daily, and digest options for receiving updates from CDSS-Cam

·         Assisting in the execution of new online initiatives incorporating audio, video and other new media types; RSS feeds, podcasts, and other delivery mechanisms


D. Email listserv services that support the CDSS-Cam activities

• Mailman listserv services and/or upgrade to other listserv providers

• Database support – custom new user export for listserv import

• Email listserv services that support the CDSS-Cam activities such as E-Discussion Forums, Online

courses and experts network.

• Electronic newsletter support (HTML format)

• Creating and maintaining user/member database

• Email server management and maintenance

E. Project management

·         Each new task will be requested through the online extranet portal. The project will be managed through this portal. The new version of the online portal will include the possibility for deadlines within casetracker and a GANTT Chart

·         Answers for support questions need to be provided within 3 working days (short first orientative answers) the development of the technical solution be provided on an agreed priority schedule within a reasonable time sequence

F. Documentation – Teaching

·         The consultant will be asked to document changes to the website and details in the technical realizations to be used for training of CDSS-Cam staff ( the actual training will be covered by a separate service agreement)

·         The consultant should gradually provide assistance for CDSS-Cam staff to take over site administration and maintenance activities.

·         The training (separate service agreement) will cover technical aspects of the past CDSS-Cam website development, website administration issues, the development and implementation of a software development plan, system documentation, maintenance plan, workflow procedures


Important Conditions applying to MEDIAPHONIX and CDSS-Cam

·         MEDIAPHONIX c.c. will be given full administrative rights to the test server back-end.

·         MEDIAPHONIX c.c. will not be responsible for the upload of content to the main, live website, but should the need arise, be requested to upload content.

·         DRUPAL is the Content Management System (CMS) currently being employed and therefore no new CMS will be introduced.

·         Ubuntu/AEGIR constitute as well the base technology



6. Services and Fees

The contract envisions the payment of services in relationship to the hours spent for the CDSS-Cam Project based on a renewable consultant contract for 100 hrs of services.

The contractor should provide a reasonable way to quantify the level of services being provided.

The fulfillment of the contract and payment of further tranches will generally be made based on delivery of the required services.

For the Maintenance tasks, server administration and Disaster Recovery prevention tasks a monthly fee of 1000,- Rand is paid in addition to the fee for 100 hrs of consultant time.

Annex 11: Technical Site Specifications


Drupal Content Management System



• Drupal CMS 6.x

·         Ubuntu/AEGIR constitute the base technology

• LAMP environment with the following specific technologies:



o Apache

o Ajax





Multilingual implementation

• i18n

• each node individually translated

• exceptions translated at theme level


Contributed Drupal modules:

• Use of several common Drupal contributed modules

• Extensive use of views and panels


• Organic Groups (og)

• Messaging, Notifications, Subscriptions

• One custom module for search customization

• Drupal core and contributed modules have not been altered (“hacked”)



• Custom themes developed using standards compliant CSS

• Multiple themes used to address custom navigation requirements

• Custom site functionality and some translations implemented at theme level (tpl.php)


Email Service

• qmail



• Mailman v 2.x